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HCA Houston Healthcare joins 100.3 The Bull for "10,000 for the Troops"

Facilities participated in this project in conjunction with the celebration of July 4th as a gesture of appreciation towards all military.

July 07, 2023
Hospital staff sign thank you cards that will be mailed to overseas troops.

Houston, Texas — HCA Houston Healthcare proudly announces its continued involvement in the "10,000 for the Troops" initiative, organized by 100.3 The Bull. This year, a remarkable total of 1,500 heartfelt cards were collected and submitted by the following hospitals:

  • HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood
  • The Woman’s Hospital of Texas
  • HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center
  • Gulf Coast Division Office staff

Our Houston facilities have participated in this project for the second consecutive year, in conjunction with the celebration of the 4th of July, as a gesture of appreciation towards all military.

This initiative aimed to gather and send 10,000 thank-you cards to our troops, offering gratitude for their unwavering dedication and sacrifice. Our Veterans Colleague Network led the charge in this mission. Their relentless commitment and passion have been evident since the inception of this initiative.

The Gulf Coast Division Veteran’s Colleague Network, with 280 members, aims to assist veterans, foster growth and establish partnerships among HCA Healthcare veterans. It includes spouses, friends and family members of military personnel, whether active, retired or deceased. The network collaborates with local and national organizations to support veterans and their families.

“Our troops are not recognized enough, and too often, they don’t receive mail from home.  These thank you cards may be the only recognition they receive while they’re away,” said Jaime Carr, veteran and HCA Houston Healthcare veteran colleague network co-chair. “A simple message of gratitude you get to hold in your hand and read in your rack may be the message you need after hearing you’re not going home on time or after missing another birthday.”

HCA Houston Healthcare is immensely proud to be part of such a meaningful initiative that honors our brave men and women in uniform. We are committed to standing with our military service members and expressing gratitude for their selfless service.

July 07, 2023