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Neurological care

Neurological care is the practice of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and function of diseases relating to the nerves and nervous system. Neurologists and neurosurgeons treat disorders that affect the brain or spinal cord.

Neurology in Greater Houston

We strive to provide the most advanced diagnostic technology, treatment options and rehabilitative care.

At HCA Houston Healthcare, we provide comprehensive care for neurological conditions, such as stroke, brain and spine injury, aneurysms and concussions. We have ten Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers around the Greater Houston area, demonstrating a high-level of experience and expertise in assessing and treating various types of stroke.

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Our neurological services

HCA Houston Healthcare provides a wide range of neurological services with a singular goal: provide positive care outcomes and restore quality of life.

Our neurological services

At HCA Houston Healthcare, we provide comprehensive care for neurological diseases, injuries and conditions, including stroke, brain and spine injury, aneurysms, concussions, and more. Across our network of care, our highly-trained caregivers are experienced in diagnosing and treating a variety of neurological conditions. These include neurologists, pediatric neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-critical care intensivists, neuro-interventional radiologists, neuro-nurse practitioners, rehabilitation therapists, and more. We provide a wide range of neurological services with a singular goal: provide better outcomes for our patients and restore quality of life.

The communities we serve have access to our highly-skilled neurological care teams 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So whether you require emergency neurosurgery or have a scheduled procedure, we are available to provide the care you need, when you need it.

Neurological rehabilitation

From physical to speech therapy, HCA Houston Healthcare offers a full range of rehabilitation services to restore function and independence following an acute injury, chronic nerve disorder or neurosurgery.

Our therapies are offered in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient, as well as individual and group-based settings. Each rehabilitation treatment plan is customized to address your unique needs, utilizing both physical and mental rehabilitation.


When a condition requires surgery, our neurosurgeons and spine care teams use leading-edge methods, including advanced imaging and minimally invasive, robot-assisted neurosurgery. These types of surgeries use smaller incisions and offer minimal scarring, a faster recovery and shorter hospital stay. Additionally, some of our locations offer a dedicated neurological intensive care unit (ICU) where highly specialized staff and technology aid in postoperative recovery.

Stroke care

From transfer to inpatient care, every second is critical when it comes to stroke. This is why we are dedicated to providing our communities with rapid, coordinated care to reduce brain damage and long-term disability. From emergency surgery to rehabilitation, our Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers are best equipped to treat you and increase the likelihood of a better outcome. Additionally, many of our locations offer breakthrough stroke treatments, such as mechanical thrombectomy.

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