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This is a journey. And a partnership.

Your Redefine Clinical Weight Loss Program team is committed to helping you keep your commitment. From day one, your team will work with you to find the path that’s best for you and your reason.

  • Physical support.
  • Psychological support.
  • Emotional support.

We know this is not an easy journey. But we know that your dedication and your strength—coupled with our expertise and compassion—will help you be successful.

Pre-surgery program

Before weight loss surgery, there are many questions and issues to address:

Are you a candidate for weight loss surgery?

  • Certain physical and emotional conditions can cause an elevated level of risk of complications.
  • Every patient will undergo a series of physical tests to determine if they are a candidate for surgery
  • Your team will examine your medical history to see if any past procedures or issues will elevate your risk.

Will your insurance cover your weight loss surgery?

When a patient meets the medical criteria for morbid obesity, Medicare, HMOs and many private insurance companies may cover surgical weight loss. Your team will work with you and your provider to determine if the costs are covered. If your insurance does not cover the treatment of morbid obesity, there are financing options available. If you have questions regarding insurance coverage and benefits, ask your weight loss team and they will be happy to help you explore your options.

Are you physically prepared for surgery?

Your physical exam should reveal any issues that could cause increased risk during surgery. For example, you should stop smoking before weight loss surgery. Surgical patients who use tobacco products are at a higher surgical risk due to the elevated risks associated with smoking.

Are you emotionally/psychologically prepared for surgery?

Weight loss surgery can be as emotionally and psychologically demanding as it is physically demanding. Your surgical team will guide you through a psychological evaluation to ensure you are properly prepared. The results will be reviewed by your surgeon and discussed with you to make you as comfortable as possible with your surgical choices.

Are you prepared to adjust your habits and lifestyle?

Weight loss surgery is only part of weight loss. You must take steps to include healthier dietary choices and physical activity in your everyday life.

Should you modify or stop your medicine intake?

Your team physician will consult with you regarding the medicines you are currently taking to determine which you should continue to take and which you should modify. Prepare a list of the medicines you are currently taking and share it with your team. Always ask your physician before starting or stopping a medication.

Surgical weight loss procedure

Your weight loss team will prepare you for what to expect and what to bring for your procedure. Each surgery has its own unique set of operative and post-operative requirements. You should make arrangements for transport to and from the HCA Houston Healthcare facility. Your procedure will determine the length of stay in the HCA Houston Healthcare facility. Also, depending on your procedure, you may experience some physical discomfort. Make plans for plenty of rest following your discharge from the hospital.


After your procedure, your physician and nursing team will consult with you on a wide variety of issues like pain management, diet and what to expect physically. Each procedure will have its own unique set of expectations, so be sure to ask questions of your team in order to fully understand them. Once your immediate recovery needs have been addressed, your team will begin to walk you through your dietary and exercise expectations in order to help you achieve your journey’s goal.

Continue the journey

Your journey is one of personal discovery and achievement. It goes on as long as you do. So does the support you receive from your weight loss team. We walk with you on your continuing journey, providing the support you need, step-by-step. You’ll discover a new way to navigate your life. Your journey to Redefine your life and how you live it is ready for you—take the first step.

Speak with a Redefine agent

Contact us to take the next step and learn more about our program.

Contact us to take the next step and learn more about our program.