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For physicians

We strive to support and partner with our physicians so they can seamlessly and efficiently provide quality care.

We're moving healthcare forward

Together, we champion the practice of medicine for a healthier world.®

At HCA Houston Healthcare, we are not just here for our physicians: We are here because of our physicians.

Patients deserve high-quality, compassionate care and you deserve to have the ability to deliver that care by practicing medicine the way it was intended: patient-centered, purpose-driven and constantly pioneering a healthier tomorrow.

That's why we're are here to partner with physicians. Because we know that facilitating a collaborative healthcare network benefits each patient who walks through our doors.

A better care model

When there's a synergy amongst all caregivers and staff, procedures are more likely to go smoothly, doctors perform optimally, and patients recover more quickly. Supporting each role is key to achieving that united workforce.

HCA Healthcare's scale enables us to unlock opportunities for our physicians well beyond what local systems can provide. The model supports an environment in which you can practice medicine effectively while developing personally and growing professionally. We push towards the clinical edge by:

  • Equipping you with highly trained and engaged nursing staff
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) interface with more efficient workflows and decision support across the system, enhancing patient care
  • Appointing Chief Medical Officers at most hospitals to maintain open, real-time physician communication and uphold quality standards
  • Pursuing quality metrics that exceed those set by CMS and other governing bodies
  • Building an integrated network through our access to data and capital, which supports growth in your profession and for your practice

We provide the kind of support that allows you to spend more time doing the job you were born to do.

Driving the field of healthcare forward

The healthcare community often talks about access for patients, but what about access for physicians?

We are a part of one of the country's most connected medical environments and enjoy connecting the dots that ultimately drive healthcare forward. As part of HCA Houston Healthcare, you have access to:

  • The largest clinical data management system in the healthcare industry, organizing 30 million+ patient encounters a year
  • Experts practicing and researching around the country and the UK
  • Evidence-based clinical documentation that guides and informs the provision of safe, effective and efficient care.

We are proud to take on a leadership role in the healthcare field by proactively implementing new protocols, procedures and technologies for patient care.

Reimagining the Texas Medical Center

The Texas Medical Center (TMC) hosts the most concentrated population of talented physicians in the country, if not the world. In contrast, HCA Houston Healthcare's access points sprawl across the region through a tightly connected system that drives efficiencies for staff, physicians and, of course, patients.

Through methodical investments in partnership, physical and virtual points of care and enhanced training for nurses and physicians, HCA Houston helps sustain the social, economic and health profile of the region. To date, HCA Houston’s hospitals have largely remained in those communities, but just as TMC brands move to the suburbs, the former’s influence is starting to close the gap in TMC.

Become a part of a team that is redefining care.

View physician jobs within the HCA Houston Healthcare system.

View physician jobs within the HCA Houston Healthcare system.