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For nurses

Our nurses are key to providing quality patient care. Learn more about the resources and programs we provide to help you advocate for your team, enhance your education and further your career.

Our greatest strength is you.

Come advance the practice of nursing.

As a unified family of caregivers across the greater Houston area, we know that no matter if you are a patient, or a physician, having a great nurse by your side can make all the difference.

Which is why we’re supporting nurses at every stage of their careers and providing platforms that allow them to strongly advocate for their patients and support their teams. Because when nurses get to do what they do best, care is efficient, personal and constantly improving.

Investing in excellence, investing in you.

We believe in investing in nursing excellence. As a part of HCA Healthcare, we can provide you with industry-leading support throughout your nursing career, including clinical education programs, educational assistance for continuing education, internal professional development, recognition programs and more.

We believe the future of care in the healthcare capital of the world is in the hands and the hearts of our next generation of nurses.

  • HCA Healthcare Center for Clinical Advancement: Located in Pearland, the center is a significant part of our strategic nursing plan to support and grow our nurses as the differentiator at our hospitals and other facilities. A state-of-the-art training center facility, its 48,400-square-feet houses high-fidelity hospital simulation labs, connected classrooms and de-briefing rooms, where the health system’s nearly 7,000 nurses will receive ongoing clinical education and training.
  • University of Houston partnership: We’ve donated 3.5 million dollars to the University of Houston College of Nursing. We have partnered with the university to educate and train nurses in our city, with the university offering special programs for advanced degrees to our nurses. In addition, we offer training and placement to new graduates of the UH nursing programs.
  • HCA Houston Healthcare Simulation Center – Located at UH Katy, the center opened in 2019 to provide hands-on, real-world training and research using interactive modules. It also supports the educational needs of medical professionals.
  • StaRN residency Program: HCA Houston Healthcare actively recruits graduate nurses into our StaRN Residency Program. Through simulation lab, on-site training, and online coursework, this program allows nurses to gain the experience needed to begin work in specialty areas. Upon completion, nurses are able to move into full-time roles at an HCA Houston facility.

Solutions that allow you to stay by the patient's side

We know that nurses are called to care. When you are able to be at the bedside, there’s a positive impact on the quality of patient care.

That’s why we’ve invested in new technologies and smarter, more efficient processes that are dramatically reducing paperwork and letting nurses get back to where they want and need to be–at the patient side.

  • Vitals Monitoring: An all-in-one device that registers patients’ vital signs and automatically transmits the data to a patient’s electronic health record, was designed and created by HCA nurses to address the amount of time nurses spent transcribing data.
  • iMobile: This secure mobile platform enables nurses to improve patient care and coordination by sharing critical patient information across a facility.
  • Orbit app: Allows nurse leaders to document patient feedback that is used to improve patients’ care experience and recognize colleagues for exceptional care.
  • Evidence-based clinical documentation (EBCD): Gives nurses time back at the bedside by recording vital information needed to provide high-quality patient care.

Advance your career in one of the largest international healthcare communities

The scale of our healthcare network can open up nursing career opportunities across the city or across the country.

As a part of HCA Healthcare, we provide unprecedented career opportunity including the ability to move within 184 hospitals and 1,800 sites of care located in 21 U.S. states and in the United Kingdom. In addition, our career opportunities for nursing span all levels—from the frontlines to administration, and everything in between. We also provide various professional development offerings to help nurses grow through HCA Healthcare’s Leadership Institute.

  • New Leader Orientation: Equips new leaders with resources and high-impact leadership practices to drive performance.
  • Leadership Institute Academy: Equips leaders to effectively execute strategy, drive operational excellence and lead others to effective action.
  • Leadership Essentials: An interactive, in-role development virtual program for managers and supervisors.
  • Leadership Development Program: Opportunity for team members interested in pursuing leadership roles in medical, surgical, telemetry, ED and ICU to attend professional development classes to prepare for leadership role.
  • Nurse Leadership Certificate: An opportunity for clinical nurse coordinators to build core leadership skills to drive exceptional patient care and contribute to positive business results.
  • Director Development Program: Prepares graduates to lead, identify and develop solutions to improve department operations utilizing personal, operational, team and strategic leadership.
  • Assistant Chief Nursing Officer Advanced Leadership Program: In partnership with the American Nurses Association, this program helps nurses gain skills needed to move into leadership roles.
  • Executive Development Program: Designed to prepare leaders for hospital executive roles including assistant chief nursing officers (ACNOs), assistant chief financial officers (ACFOs) and assistant chief operating officers (ACOOs).

From one-on-one to the power of 93,000

What can more than 93,000 nurses teach us about healthcare? Everything.

Every day we get valuable insight into how to make healthcare better, right from the source - nurses. All 94,000 nurses working at HCA Healthcare hospitals across the country.

As a nurse at HCA Houston Healthcare, you contribute to the data and expertise captured from the largest nursing workforce in the country. Information that is shaping how we recruit and train nurses to ensure good patient practices and better patient care.

  • HCA’s Professional Practice Councils: Nurses across the enterprise use their voice to share best practices and collaborate on topics related to patient outcomes, nursing quality and clinical practice standards, issues and policies and procedures.