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Know the Signs of a Stroke

Find out your risk for a stroke today.

Find out your risk of stroke today.

It’s possible that you can implement some lifestyle changes to potentially reduce
your stroke risk in the future. Identifying your risk level is the first step.

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Stroke is the nation’s third-leading cause of death and the number one cause of adult disability, but efficient care before, during, and after a stroke can improve outcomes.

HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake provides the highest continuum of stroke care - from the emergency room to rehabilitation - close to home in Webster.

Our stroke doctors diagnose the three main types of strokes:

  • Ischemic strokes occur when an artery is blocked by a blood clot.
    • Fat, cholesterol, and other substances build up over time, making it difficult for blood to flow properly to the brain.
    • Approximately 87 percent of strokes are ischemic.
  • Hemorrhagic strokes occur when a blood vessel in part of the brain becomes weak and bursts open, which causes blood to leak into the brain.
  • The most common cause of hemorrhagic strokes is uncontrolled hypertension.
  • Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is caused by a temporary clot and often referred to as a “mini stroke.”

Rapid diagnosis and treatment in the first few hours after the onset of symptoms when interventional therapies are most successful is critical. Our endovascular neurosurgeon threads tiny catheters into the arteries of the brain to extract clots which cause strokes, thus allowing reversal of damage in patients who have arrived too late for intravenous tPA treatment, but within eight hours of the onset of symptoms.

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