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Medical Center performs first single port robotic surgery

Next generation system requires fewer incisions and will benefit urology surgery patients.

June 11, 2024
HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center completed the first single-port robotic procedure on May 16, 2024.

Houston, TX – HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center is excited to announce the addition of a next-generation robotic system to its fleet of surgical robotic equipment. This is the facility's fourth robotic system and allows the hospital to meet the growing demand for minimally invasive surgical options.

With potential to revolutionize the surgical landscape, this single-port robotic system allows surgeons to complete delicate, complex procedures through only a single, one-inch incision. The robotic system is one of only a few in use across Texas and is used for urologic and head and neck procedures.

The hospital successfully completed the first case on the new system in May when urologist Dr. Dustin Luse performed a robotic simple suprapubic prostatectomy.

“Traditional prostate surgery techniques require larger incisions and can result in increased post-operative pain and side effects,” said urologist Dr. Dustin Luse. “Being able to perform prostate surgery in a less invasive procedure will help provide the best possible patient outcomes.”

Robotic-assisted surgery offers many benefits for patients including lower complication rates, less pain, shorter recovery times, and improved outcomes.

“This technology in the hands of our experienced surgeons provides patients with even more options for healthier tomorrows,” said Chris Osentowski, chief executive officer at HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center. “Providing leading-edge technology is just one reason so many patients turn to HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center as the destination of choice for robotic surgery in our community and beyond.” 


June 11, 2024
HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center

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