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Patient education and support

Find our many educational classes and support groups at our Pasadena hospital, including classes for stroke survivors, weight loss candidates and expectant families.

Hospital support groups and health education classes

HCA Houston Healthcare Southeast provides patients and visitors with multiple support groups and classes so they can better educate themselves about their own condition, a loved one's condition, life after surgery and more.

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Stroke support

HCA Healthcare Southeast offers a post-stroke support group on the fourth Tuesday of each month excluding holidays. Our support group provides the opportunity for survivors, caregivers and medical professionals to meet, interact and discuss the challenges of coping with life post-stroke. The group meets from 1:30pm - 2:30pm. Our meeting location varies so please contact (713) 359-1910 for more information on this support group.

Baby care class

Prepare for your baby, what to expect in the hospital with your newborn, and how to take care of your baby at home.

Women devices department tour

Take a tour of our Labor and Delivery Unit, Delivery Rooms, Post-Partum, and have your questions answered with regard to our Nursery and NICU.

Preparation for breastfeeding class

Prepare for breastfeeding, lactation, and expectations from your stay in the hospital to home.

Childbirth class

This class will provide you with essential evidence based information and engaging birth stories to help new parents be better prepared for their own birth experience

Sibling class

Come get prepared to be a big Brother or Sister. Take a tour, watch a video, color, diaper a baby and talk about how this makes you feel.

All classes and tours are FREE

Weight loss seminars and support groups

Clases para el cuidado del bebe

Clases de educasion para el cuidado de tu bebe. Reunirse en el lobby 15 minutos antes de cada clase.

Clases para le preparacion del parto

Educacion sobre que esperar para el parto y el parto de su bebe. Reunirse en el lobby 15 minutos antes de cada clase.

Preparacion para la lactancia maternal

Clases de educación para el cuidado de tu bebe. Reunirse en el lobby 15 minutos antes de cada clase.