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Our Conroe hospital supports our nurses at all career stages through advanced education, awards for exceptional care and growth and leadership opportunities.

Exceptional nurses

HCA Houston Healthcare Conroe has a team of exceptional nurses who are committed to attracting and supporting the best nurses in the profession.

Our continuous dedication to the practice of nursing and delivery of compassionate, exceptional care is reflected in our pursuit of nursing Magnet Excellence® from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Nurses at HCA Houston Healthcare work together at all levels of the organization to uphold our professional practice model which promotes nursing innovation, dedication to growth and development, professional recognition, and exceptional healthcare for the community we serve.

HCA Houston Conroe nurses are empowered

At HCA Houston Conroe, nurses are empowered to transform nursing practice through the adoption of innovative strategies. Our Center for Clinical Advancement offers a dedicated space for revolutionary nursing practices. Our exemplary team of nurses contribute to developing new processes, enhancing the work environment, and improving patient safety.

Continuous growth and development

We believe in the ongoing growth of every nurse. From RN to BSN progression to achieving advanced degrees, we support our staff in their professional journey. Nursing care is guided by evidence-based practices and research, ensuring the organization is at the forefront of the healthcare marketplace.

Reward and recognition

Our roster of exceptional nurses is recognized through programs like the International DAISY Award, Houston Chronicle Top 100 Nurses, and the Good Samaritan Foundation for Excellence in Nursing. In addition, our nurses are recognized for achievements in specialty board certification. We celebrate our achievements to honor the contributions of our nurses.

Nursing services professional practice model (PPM)

Our professional practice model (PPM), a diamond of commitment, reflects a culture where quality and care reign supreme. From holistic patient care to unwavering commitment and compassion, the model reflects our mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

What our PPM means to our dedicated team of nurses

The outer circle includes Quality Outcomes, Evidence-based, Collaboration, Shared Governance, and Professional Development.

  • Quality Outcomes – at all levels of the organization, nurses practice to improve patient outcomes in all areas of care.
  • Evidence-based – Nurses participate in innovative practices as well as using a problem-solving approach to clinical decision-making within our healthcare organization that integrates the best available scientific evidence to guide their practice.
  • Collaboration – Nurses have interprofessional collaborative partnerships with all members of the healthcare team. This collaboration results in open and objective information sharing, delivery of care, and evaluation of outcomes for each patient.
  • Shared Governance – Nurses have the ability to share information and promote practices to increase structural empowerment, exemplary professional practice, transformational leadership, and knowledge and innovation.
  • Professional Development – Nurses seek professional development to enhance their professional practice. HCA Houston Healthcare recognizes and rewards nurses for their professional contributions to advancing their practice and profession in their nursing practice.

The inner circle which includes Holistic, Commitment, Integrity, and Compassion reflect the nursing attributes which promote a healthy clinical environment where each colleague is respected.

  • Holistic – When caring for colleagues and patients, nurses treat the whole person, taking into account the body, mind, spirit, culture, socioeconomic background, and environment.
  • Commitment – Nurses are dedicated to provide optimal patient care and enhance the nursing profession.
  • Integrity – Nurses are honest, have strong moral principles and possess moral uprightness that is reflected in their patient care.
  • Compassion – Nurses are empathetic and show genuine concern for others.

The Diamond Plus is a symbol of our promise; the nurses at HCA Houston Conroe recognize our patients, families, and community at the core of our professional commitment to achieving excellence.